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Nhat Quynh Hotel’s 5th Anniversary: Huge promotion event


New Year 2013 Festival: Promotion program


NHẬT QUỲNH Hotel -A place for you to rest and work.

Firstly Nhat Quynh Hotel system sends to you the wishes: health and success.

Life quality is increasing, so that travel need is increasing too. That is why in recent years quantity of tourists is growing up. However, in the background that tourist market is growing up strongly, it is safer and easier if we do tourism in “public” style. If we do like that, we have to face with fierce competition but after that we will in saturated state if we can’t get quit of. As an evidence, there are many small, single hotels have to close after boom period. Catching that market developing rule, Nhat Quynh Hotel decided to choose a special way to create own difference and the best is difference in each tourist’s feeling when stopping here. 

Nhat Quynh Hotel confirms difference of a luxurious hotel in modern architecture style. Nhat Quynh Hotel 2 is built and operated official in August, 2011. It has 20 high class rooms with syncromous quality from interior equipment to services and from wide and cool space to wifi, air-conditioner, cable TV, frigerator, water heater… they will create friendly feeling for tourist. Coming to Nhat Quynh Hotel, you have not only a deal place to relax but also a convenient place to visit historic places in Rach Gia as: Nguyen Trung Truc Hero Temple, Tam Bao Rach Gia Pagoda, Lang Cat Pagoda, Kien Giang Museum …or shopping in city center, walking to sea-encroached area. From here, it is very convenient for tourist to contact with government offices of city. With professional, enthusiansm and  thought of Nhat Quynh Hotel system staff, we sure that we can meet all your demand.

With all our respect, see you!


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